Friday, 22 October 2010

BlizzCon this Friday debut, "Diablo 3" professional package first to open

BlizzCon Blizzard's annual carnival is about to debut on Friday morning, when the "Diablo 3" will be the first to show the game, I believe that all players must support the Diablo series, Blizzard released are quite looking forward to the fifth career true face, and more detailed description of the game within the system.【Open】 pre-empt some professional package

Blizzard is more than three weeks in the official preview of Facebook photos public career suits, while the production team has been released by the game related information, including:

● the future will no longer be invisible equipment (powerful but not repair the equipment.)
● The main color will be equipped with dyeing system through a custom color.
● role in the level of about 20 or so will be able to complete the Normal difficulty.
● Each "armor" equipment in each of the different career when a character looks will be different.

BlizzCon program schedule

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