Friday, 22 October 2010

Kanye West Diamond Teeth the Next Halloween Hit for Celebrity Costume Ideas


Buy Yourself a Pair of Diamond Teeth to Be Just like Kanye for Halloween

Kanye West diamond teeth have had some fans wondering how do you clean them? Or better yet, how does Kanye kiss with the diamond teeth without cutting his partners lip or mouth? On Tuesday, Kanye appeared on The

Ellen DeGeneres show and told Ellen "I guess there's just certain things that rock stars are supposed to do, " reports the daily mail. Yes, the diamonds might be cooler looking, but what about the precautions that have to be taken into consideration?

With this controversy about the diamond teeth, this is perfect timing for Halloween 2010. Kanye West celebrity costumes ideas are in high demand, so why not add some bling to it? Dress up in a red jacket, red pants, red sneakers, black tank top, gold bracelets, a lure of gold chains, and a set of Grillz silver with diamond tip fake teeth, which can be found right here diamond teeth.

Another easy look for West is to just wear a black tank top, black sneakers, black sunglasses, jeans, black leather jacket, bling around the neck, and those new diamond teeth. If you want add a few accessories like a microphone, or even a sidekick like Taylor Swift would be cool. If you white, your probably thinking, "How can I get my skin color like Kanye's?"

Ok, you can either cut out your own Kanye West printable Halloween mask, which can be found here, or head over to a local Halloween store and find a bald skin mask that would match up to the singers skin color. If you can not find the mask, maybe you can use dark brown foundation, bronzer, and mix it with a dark powder to set it nice into the skin.

To be more original and have your costume stand out, make your body half Taylor and half Kanye. Why be like everyone else? Have fun with the idea. 

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