Saturday, 27 November 2010

Wii and NetFlix - Teaming Up to Take Over is proud to confirm that the partnership between Nintendo and Netflix has come to fruition. The Wii now becomes the 3rd game console to allow for the streaming of movies and other video programming over the Internet. This is a Major step for all that have the Nintendo Wii considering that only Xbox360, and PS3 carried this feature. All that is required is a Wii console, a broadband connection and a subscription with Netflix for the service which is currently priced at $9 per month.
Streaming will be achieved using what Netflix terms an "instant-streaming" disc. These discs are set to be mailed out in April of 2010 just in advance to the official launch of the service. Nintendo asserts that using a disc as opposed to hard coding within the console allows for a more robust and dependable transmission. Once set up, the Wii motion controller can be used in the same fashion as a typical DVR remote control.
The $9 per month price point is sure to be attractive to users who previously were using Xbox to stream Netflix at a base cost of $50 per month. Netflix is also sure to benefit by becoming accessible to the over 25 million households which currently have a Wii. This move is consistent with Netflix's strategy of being device neutral attempting to widen their reach to as many consumers as possible.
Just over 15% of the 100,000+ Netflix library is available for streaming. This low percent is attributed to the delay between DVD release and allowed access for streaming. As this delay time continues to decrease it is projected that a larger percent of the aggregate Netflix library will be able to be streamed. Although the Wii will always be used primarily for gaming, the addition of streamed movies provides of a useful added benefit which will only serve to increase the Wii's already massive popularity.

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