Monday, 18 October 2010

【Information】 Robbie rejoin Take That 5 people playing for real!

Robbie rejoin Take 5 That playing for real!
After a gap of 15 years fit new songs premiered 10.08
Almost running away? Robbie Williams into the studio to the pain before the tension by pushing his wife into the

Chorus left Take That Robbie Williams up to 15 years in July this year announced rejoin, hit five members finally fit, but was keen on pleasing the media and said poisonous tongue, "unless there is really what counts singles or albums . "Now with the new album, new songs are coming! react after the merger of five people said their first album, Progress / go forward (tentative translation)】 in the November 26 issue, new song" The Flood / stormy sea (temporarily Translation) "zero-day Taiwan will be synchronized with the British in 10.08 19:00 premiered at Hit FM to be told to the world song" 5 people react, "is playing for real! In the song "The Flood / stormy sea (tentative translation)," Robbie just back on the team much courtesy, the first sentence of the opening song lyrics from his vocals, Gailuobaluo significant concessions. But Robbie has admitted to and separate 15-year-old teammates again sing together, once told him uneasy, to enter the studio and even the night before is also guilty of a toothache, pain to have to painkillers because as evident, "then recruit members, "this identity is still very nervous to Robbie.

Robbie remember to enter the studio the night before, he strained to a toothache the whole person: "I have a tight enough, when I think the four of them will be there waiting for me in the studio, I almost point to a missing, do not into the recording studio, I'm nervous all night in terrible pain, the pain of the need to painkillers. "and so that" bad boy "into the title of this tension because Robbie is so he thought then of Gairuibaluo blaspheming, now feel sorry conscience, "I told Gary to say very bad words, what would happen if I walked into the studio? whether he would hold a grudge it? Finally, my wife pushed me into the door, I only the people freed from the tension. "and Robbie seems to be unfounded, and four members were pleased to see old friends rejoin too late, Robbie was very moved, said:" I spent 15 years to think of the say to what they say, we talked for a long time, and the most amazing thing happened in the last plane, we say sorry to each other, and we are sincere. "

New song "The Flood / stormy sea (tentative translation)," premiered in 10.08 after Take That will begin a new album into a series of related promotional tour, new album, Progress / go forward (tentative translation)】 in the November 26 issue, scheduled to start next year world tour, is now ranked the 54 games already, and almost all of the challenges large venues, the media react estimate the ultimate fit, for at least five members to bring the income of 15 million pounds .

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