Monday, 18 October 2010

o not miss the England Girls Pixie Lott "Turn It Up"

Actress burst into the world in recent years, a wave of retro, breaking from the Amy Winehouse album sold millions and winning five Grammy, again Adele, Duffy, Estelle, and so have to enter the United States are at least given a Grammy, it is undeniable that shares Wind has become a force can not be ignored in the music industry this year, Girls Pixie Lott has plans to offer the new U.S. version of "Turn It Up" (which also revealed with the Joe Jonas and Jason DeRulo cooperation), see if you can no longer life This forces the expansion in the United States, having said that this album is indeed very potential to enter the North American

Pixie Lott summer of 2009 released the song "Mama Do", Pixie Lott's image and voice to package but giving the impression of a lazy retro style, the song also features the outline of the Pixie's song quite successful and was thought Some people want to go like Duffy, Gabriella Cilmi the kind of Soul-Pop line, do not know is not because of the relationship between retro fashion diva, this song very smoothly in the UK championship title to direct airborne, and then shortly after the album also available, under the high expectations of everyone, the first week of airborne sixth British chart success, but later to fall directly to the free fall, I think quite a brilliant idea the company packaging the one hand, I heard the album many fans would like to attracted book "Mama Do" from the whole feel cheated to; but on the other hand gave me a big surprise (to! like Kinder surprise eggs do), although many British critics have given a moderate rating Magazine , but into the U.S. music scene holds a great advantage, after all, she really can not tilt in the flux of Brish-Pop

Officially the whole album is covered with interesting fashion retro style, but compared to Amy Winehouse, Gabriella Cilmi and others, this comparison does not seem so retro strong, or even to actually pop album chowder (R & B, Disco, Pop, Soul, Electropop, etc.) is not excessive, in fact, the album spent a lot of different producers like RedOne or Toby Gad, of course, to the Pixie style interpretation of a greater variety of voices, including the above, the second hit song " Boys And Girls "was also similar to the style of Lady Gaga, Little Boots for comparison, but that under the first positive assessment is also enthusiastic champion once again won the Gold List, also reviews with the Grammy winner Mark Ronson produced similar style, retro disco atmosphere, micro-smoked, with the Jazz style of architecture with Electropop the dance floor jumping with fluency, retro dance music played with great success

In addition, I also highly recommend other dance music album "Here We Go Again", by Lady Gaga producer Redone the surgeon, a strong rhythm, the song I think this is really a great album Pearl, so have the potential not even when the main list to issue, it is a pity (also hope to enter the United States when the opportunity to issue), this song by many fans of Lady Gaga aroused heated discussion (as long as the song is Redone produced almost all can be said is a quality assurance;, of course, another perspective can be said to be similar rhythm and style of a very high degree)
"Cry Me Out" is the third album, made in the main, the use of Adagio traditional drum songs guava rhythm and Qing-rou elements of the piano as the main arranger for the first time heard this song, I thought not careful to Sarah Chen Early Taiwan, Lin Hui-ping, or old songs, how songs so beautifully prepared, and Pixie song appropriately grasp the mood brewing, describing the intense pain of a relationship break

The song "My Love", although not hit, but also quite nice, it is difficult to imagine a British white woman can manage a smooth writing R & B, or sum up the album in this "American" songs are more spindle, which actually does not too much in the style of England (born in the wrong state it!); and Pixie sings mostly R & B songs like that more pleasing to the ear with the chorus and smooth, such as "The Way the World Works" "Gravity" "My Love" as well previously have written the "Band Aid" is my favorite song lyrics

Although her singing I feel put in Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson Natasha Bedingfield or even other fellow will roar again pop singer named among the big losers are really feeling the strength part of it, but definitely recognizable characteristics with the song is very powerful, Pixie sing live is not really bad, but the audience is feeling like a barbecue at the gas station to see her as a blasting show will be staged at any time, perhaps only 18 years old relationship, but Pixie's tenor is very attractive, do not need to show the virtuoso coloratura (say, the British female singing Carpenter is not particularly large, Pixie even enough to stand on the top ten songs XD); songs on the album outside, not only cover song on the radio over BBC will turn to their own songs uploaded to their YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy, all playing acoustic version, which I quite like her cover of the first few songs

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