Friday, 22 October 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

Scott SGX had a girlfriend, but love the road is not smooth, in order to concentrate on enjoying two of the world, he must first beat his girlfriend's seven evil ex-boyfriend ... ...

"Superman" Brandon Ross and actress Brigitte Larsen will join the Universal film "crooked boy Scott" comic book of the same name the film from "Shaun of the Dead" director Edgar Lai Special (Edgar Wright) directed, and soon will begin shooting in Toronto, Canada.

"Crooked boy Scott" is the story of 23-year-old Scott Pierce Grim (Scott Pilgrim) in the name of "Sex Bob-Omb" the band as bass player, has become the rock star dream book. Flowers first encounter dreams Ramona (Ramona Flowers), the wanted to win her heart, but he only asked her boyfriend beat her seven evil to succeed.

"Scott" will be "super bad" starring Michael Sierra play, his dream lover played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Evans (Chris Evans) will play a "flower" II ex-boyfriend Lucas Lee (Lucas Lee) - a former professional skateboarder movie star, Brandon Ross will play a "flower" Three ex-boyfriend, Todd Ingram (Todd Ingram) - supernatural ability vegetarian rockers, Mei Whitman (Mae Whitman) will play a "flower" Four former "male" friends Roxy Richter - half a ninja, Satya Bhabha can always call evil plays a fashionable girl's ex-boyfriend. Bree Larson will play, "Scott" is still obsessed ex-girlfriend Ann M. Adams (Envy Adams), Ellen Wong playing "Scott" to see the dream guy is dating his girlfriend, Anna Kendrick play, "Scott" sister. Mark Webber plays "Sex Bob-Omb" band Stephen Stills Wales , Aobulipu Plaza (Aubrey Plaza) plays his girlfriend, Allison Phil (Alison Pill) play drummer, Johnny Simmons big fan of the band playing Neil Young (Young Neil).

In the film, playing the Sierra have to beat Michael Stucker Whitman played Roxy Richter May. They had TV in 2003, "Arrested Development" has been co-operation.

In the film post-production period, Edgar Wright once a rough cut version of the video release to Quentin Tarantino, Jason Reitman and Kevin Smith to see. The director of the rough cut version of the film have given active and positive.

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