Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Social Network - see the beginning of Facebook

"Curious Case of Benjamin Button," the 13 Oscar nominations gains of U.S. director David Fincher, is about to direct a big hot about the global rise of SNS social networking site Facebook the history of film "social networking" (The Social Network).

Directed by David Fincher's film about the birth of Facebook "biography" film produced by Columbia Pictures. Worked "Charlie's War" a screenwriter Aaron Sorkin to write the film script. Story from 2004, sophomore Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University dorm room in the beginning start Facebook, telling the computer geniuses, dating site how to become a school of up to 200 million registered users of the social network supremacy.

The rise of a web site about the history of the film seem a lack of dramatic, or about the rise of Microsoft and Apple already overwhelming after the film, but this film about Facebook's production team it all themselves. Music video directed by David Fincher started, who directed "Seven", "Fight Club", "Zodiac" and other popular and critically acclaimed movies. His latest movie "Curious Case of Benjamin Button" starring Brad Pitt by the, gains of 13 Oscar nominations. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has penned the U.S. drama "West Wing" script, and has served as played by Tom Hanks in "Charlie's War," a writer. "Old Men," "Revolutionary Road" producer Scott Rudin will join hands to Michael Drew cards, and Oscar-winner Kevin Sibei Xi, as the film's producer. The film will begin shooting later this year, is expected to crank up in 2010.

It is reported that the movie script will be in accordance with the Maze Ridge July 14th book, "accidental billionaire: Facebook birth history, one about sex, money, genius and betrayal," adapted. Before a work of "winning banker" was the big screen, changed its name to "Lucky 21." One of the film starring Kevin Sibei Xi. So as a producer of the film Si Beixi adapted from the works of Metz Ridge also matter of course. Currently outside the book and film are poorly understood, but Si Beixi I write for the preface of this says: "You may think you know the story behind Facebook, but you do not know the whole story from the whole story complete . In this book, the Maze Red Ridge the world's most reproduced the rise of social networking, and the Earth's youngest billionaire Mark Zuckerberg made family history. This is a very interesting story , involving betrayal and fortune - how about two good friends of all mankind revolutionized the mode of communication, eventually against each other.

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